Calm Station: An Interactive Perpetual Desk Object that Reduces Digital Distractions
Taewan Kim, Park & Hong | DIS 2017 Demo

Designing for Self-Tracking of Emotion and Experience with Tangible Modality
Kwangyoung Lee & Hwajung Hong | DIS 2017

Designing a Crowdsourcing Platform for Generating Subtitles of Accessible Films
Choi, Orken, Lee, & Hong | HCI KOREA 2017

“Not by Money Alone”: Social Support Opportunities in Medical Crowdfunding Campaigns
J.G.Kim, Vaccaro, Karahalios & Hong | CSCW 2017


 The Power of Collective Endorsements: Credibility Factors in Medical Crowdfunding Campaigns
J.G.Kim, Kong, Karahalios, Fu & Hong | CHI 2016


 Towards Designing Social Question-and-Answer Systems for Behavioral Support of Individuals with Autism
Hong, Abowd & Arriaga | Pervasive Health 2015

 In-group Questions and Out-group Answers: Crowdsourcing Daily Living Advice for Individuals with Autism.
Hong, Gilbert, Abowd & Arriaga | CHI 2015

2014 & earlier

 Mining Themes and Interests in the Asperger’s and Autism Community.
Ji, Hong, Arriaga, Rozga, Abowd & Eisenstein | ACL 2014 Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology.

 Specializing Social Networking Services for Young Adults with Autism.
Hwajung Hong | CSCW 2014, Doctoral Colloquium.

 Investigating the Use of Circles in Social Networks to Support Independence of Individuals with Autism.
Hong, Yarosh, J.G.Kim, Abowd & Arriaga | CHI 2013 

 Harnessing Trusted-Stranger Networks to Ask for Social Advice: Challenges and Opportunities.
Hwajung Hong & Rosa Arriaga | CSCW 2013 Workshop on Social Media Question Asking

 Designing a Social Network to Support the Independence of Young Adults with Autism.
Hong, J.G.Kim, Abowd & Arriaga | CSCW2012 *9% acceptance rate for top-tier submissions*

  SocialMirror: Motivating Young Adults with Autism to Practice Life Skills in a Social World.
Hong, J.G. Kim, Abowd & Arriaga | CSCW 2012 Videos *Selected to be an example of a strong video submission on the CSCW 2013 Videos CFP*

 Towards a Framework to Situate Assistive Technology Design in the Context of Culture.
Boujarwah, Nazneen, Hong, Abowd & Arriaga | ASSETS 2011

 TriggerHunter: Designing an Educational Game for families with Asthmatic children.
Hong, Jeong, Arriaga & Abowd
CHI 2010 Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH 2010)

 Design Requirements for Ambient Display that Supports Sustainable Lifestyle.
T.Kim, Hong & Magerko | DIS 2010

 Designing for Persuasion: Toward Ambient Eco-Visualization for Awareness.
T.Kim, Hong & Magerko | Persuasive 2010

 Training Social Problem Solving Skills in Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism.
Boujarwah, Hong, Arriaga, Abowd & Isbel | Pervasive Health 2010

 Refl-ex: Towards Designing An Interactive and Intelligent Tool for Social Skill Development of Individuals with HFA/ASD.
Gillesen, Hong, Rosa I. Arriaga | DPPI 2009

 Coralog: Use-Aware Visualization Connecting Human Micro-Activities to Environmental Change.
T.Kim, Hong & Magerko | CHI 2009 Extended Abstracts

 Interactive Visualization of Ecosystem Change for Public Education.
T.Kim, Hong & Magerko | InfoViz 2009 Poster