We are the data, interaction, and design lab at UNIST.
We design and develop interactive systems and new forms of interactions to empower people.
We are interested in accessibility, health & wellness, and social computing.

Research Through Design

We probe novel interactions through user-centered process. We also study users through designing artifacts.

Accessibility and Disability

We design and develop socially-augmented assistive applications that support special populations such as autistic individuals.


We design systems that empower connected individuals and crowds toward everyday problem solving.

Social Computing

We study social media use in our daily life with a focus on addressing mental health issues (e.g., obsession, depression, isolation).

The DxD lab (old: HCI.design lab) is led by Hwajung Hong, an Assistant Professor in UNIST’s the school of Design and Human Engineering (DHE) and the graduate school of Creative Design Engineering (CDE). The lab focuses on the design and analysis of accessible and social computing systems based on the principle of human-centered design. We like theories, mixed methods, novel design tools and new students. Do you have a genuine interest in human and/or computing technologies? Are you interested in how people and technology interact with each other? and do you want to be a social engineer who shapes the way people communicate with one another and many others in the world? If so, don’t hesitate to contact prof.Hong [hwajung at unist dot ac dot kr].